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Purchase Your TAO Totem

There is a limited supply of TAO Totems and once these beautiful meditation tools are gone, they may not be manufactured again. The process is difficult and costly.

Order your TAO Totem -- one of the best meditation tools available -- now,using PayPal or you may contact us directly and pay with your MasterCard, Visa or American Express by phone. Your order will arrive within 8 - 10 business days.

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Single Totem
Each Totem is unique;
no two are alike.

Totem with bag
Protect your Totem
with this cloth bag.

Meditation Warrior
Guided Meditations perfect
with your Totem.

Three Totems
One is good, three are great.
Make great gifts for friends.

Three Totems with bags
Protect your TAO Totem
with its own bag.

Meditation Warrior and
Tao Totem Combo

Meditation Warrior and Totem combo
Comes with a FREE Totem bag.

These Amazon books will help you discover the power of meditation and focus. Remember to always use your TAO Totem whatever meditation technique you use to create the memory link that will allow you to relax anytime, anywhere.

Meditation, relaxation, focusing and habit control are easier with the TAO Totem.